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Ice Age excavation urged for Vero Beach, Florida

Scientists are hoping to launch a full excavation into Vero Beach’s Ice Age history.

The city is one of a few places in the United States where human skeletal remains apparently have been found with bones of now extinct animals — indicating they lived together here from 11,000 to 13,000 years ago, archaeological researcher Tom Stafford of Colorado said during a press conference at the Emerson Center.

Also, an amateur collector found a just-as-old bone near here with an etching of a mammoth on it, said Richard Hulbert, a paleontologist with the Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville.

It is presumed to be the oldest known art object of its type found in the New World, the researcher said.

“I’d like to have that (an image of it) flying on a flag outside the museum,” Hulbert said.

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