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Egypt to restore historical synagogues

Egypt will shoulder the costs of restoring 11 of the countries historic synagogues.

Hosny committed his ministry to restoring all 11 synagogues across Egypt, three of which have already been renovated. The best-known synagogue that of Ben Ezra, is located in Cairo’s Christian quarter near a number of old churches and was restored years ago.

The ceremony at the Ben Maimon synagogue was closed to media but attendees said it was an emotional event, especially for the Egyptian-Jewish families invited, many of whom now live in Europe.

“There were some lectures on the Jewish sites in Egypt and the temple. It was nice, emotional and nostalgic,” said Raymond Stock, an American close to the Jewish community in Cairo who attended the three-day event.

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2 thoughts on “Egypt to restore historical synagogues

  1. My daughter in law’s family was expelled from Egypt in 1956, leaving a country they adored with little warning. It was Alexandria not Cairo, but the issues were the same. A thriving Jewish community, with beautiful synagogues, good businesses and light, airy houses.

    I hope the government restores Alexandria’s synagogues as well, but I wonder who will use them.

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