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Medieval remains found in English garden

Human remains dating back to the 13th or 14th centuries have been found in a garden in northern England.

The remains, which include a skull, were found in the Fenwick area, between Matfen and Stamfordham, in February.

The county council’s archaeological team said the bones could be linked to a medieval settlement known to have existed in the area.

Karen Derham, assistant archaeologist, called the discovery a “fascinating insight” into the area’s history.

Historical documents show a settlement has existed at West Fenwick since at least the 13th Century, which at one point included a medieval tower.

Ms Derham said: “The burials were uncovered within the settlement area to the north of the medieval tower.

“Although there is no known record of a medieval chapel in this area, the burials are on the east-west alignment used for Christian burial and they have been radio-carbon dated to between 1280 and 1400 which fits with the date of the medieval settlement.”

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