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A history of what is sexy

StyleCaster has posted an interesting article showcasing how what we define as sexy has changed throughout history.

Renaissance: From the 1400s to the early 16th century

Body Type: The ideal Renaissance woman was more voluptuous then any other time in history. Paintings from this era depict women who would be considered overweight by today’s standards– but at that time, these full-figured ladies were the epitome of sexiness. For the first time in recorded history, women were prized for their natural bodies. Could you imagine someone telling you that eating more would make you sexier? Sounds great to us.

Beauty: The term “blondes have more fun” may have stemmed from the Renaissance, because they believed that the lighter the hair color, the better. As for makeup, pale ivory skin was considered sexy, and vermillion was used to tint the lips to a deep red color. Pale complexion and blood red lips– it seems like the Renaissance era may have originated the popular vampire-chic look.

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