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The world’s oldest hot cross bun

A staple of mine over Easter is the delicious hot cross bun. Now one grandmother has come forward with the world’s oldest: a 189-year-old hot cross bun baked on Good Friday, 1821.

Nancy Titman, 91, was given the incredible 189-year-old bun when her mum died and amazingly it shows no traces of mould.

The bun, which was made the same year as Napoleon died, George IV was crowned king and poet John Keats passed away has been in her family for generations.

“It’s a relic which has been passed down through the family. My mum said our ancestors worked in a baker’s shop and they believed buns baked on Good Friday didn’t go mouldy,” said Nancy.

“It is rock hard and the currants have disintegrated but you can tell it’s a hot cross bun and you can still see the shape of the cross.”

The bun, which has the date March 1821 on its base, was made by Nancy’s great, great, great grandfather, William Skinner, who owned a bakery in London.

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