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Cache of silver coins found in India

A cache of silver coins dating back to the 18th century was found when a labourer’s spade hit an earthen pot at a construction site in India.

Although most of the coins were damaged, the authorities of the Jorhat museum managed to recover a few in mint condition this morning.

“The coins are from King Gaurinath Singha’s era. The name of the king is inscribed on few of such coins,” museum officer Gautam Bordoloi said.

The Ahoms ruled Assam from 1227 to 1826, with Singha’s reign extending from 1780 to 1796.

Bordoloi said the labourers claimed that several coins had got lost as the pot broke under the impact of the spade.

They were engaged in the road construction under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act project at Number 2 Brahmin gaon in Kenduguri.

“The colour of the coins has also turned darkish, making it difficult to distinguish them from the soil,” he said.

Museum authorities, however, believe that some coins were taken away by the labourers.

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