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Roman amphoras discovered off Italian coast

British researchers who were scouring modern shipwrecks for radioactive materials stumbled across the remains of a Roman gally which sunk off the coast of Italy 2,000 years ago.

The crew from energy company Hallin Marine International, based in Aberdeen, found a number of ancient pots lying in the mud 1,640ft below the waves.

After the first sighting the crew worked around the clock for two days to bring them to the surface without damaging them.

Supervisor Dougie Combe said the team managed to recover five of the 2,000 year-old vessels intact. They cleared debris off them using water jets.

They were then handed over to an archaeology museum in the historic Graeco-Roman city of Paestum, in northern Italy.

Mr Combe, from Speyside, Scotland, said: ‘They would have probably been loaded on some kind of merchant ship which sank all those years ago.’

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