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Secret medieval tunnels found beneath home

Archaeologists have discovered a network of secret medieval tunnels underneath a West Midland home in England.

The tunnels have been found at the 13th century Manor House in West Bromwich, and experts from Birmingham University are preparing to go inside and discover more secrets about the building. The entrance and exit to the network of tunnels was discovered earlier this year when the moat was drained as part of the ongoing restoration works.

Frank Caldwell, principle officer for museums arts and tourism in Sandwell, said: “We discovered an entrance large enough for a person to crawl through that seems to connect to some open drainage channels at the other end of the building.

“It’s possible that this tunnel was part of the medieval sewage disposal system for the Manor House which diverted a local spring under the building to remove toilet waste.

“It’s large enough for a person to crawl into because that’s how any blockages would have been removed in medieval times.

“Clearing medieval toilets was a regular task and carried out by a particular member of a household staff know as a ‘Gong Farmer’.”

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  1. We tend to think of toilets and drainage as a modern innovation so this is fascinating. It can’t have been a pleasant job being the Gong Farmer – hopefully, it paid well!

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