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9,000-year-old campsites found in South Carolina

9,000-year-old campsites have been found at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

The findings aren’t stunning – artifacts from that period are common throughout the state. But until recent years, archaeologists believed concentrations of artifacts from the Archaic period were likely only along major waterways. The Fort Jackson site is on sandy uplands, several miles from the Wateree River and even farther from the Broad.

“You were not supposed to find stuff like this in the sand hills,” said Chuck Cantley, archaeologist with the S.C. Department of Archives and History.

Researchers now are finding plenty of artifacts from that time – the Archaic period – on high ground. Audrey Dawson, the chief investigator at the Fort Jackson site, and her crew have found five dense concentrations. They uncovered sandstone they believe is from hearths, quartz that has been chipped to create tools and projectile points, and rare pieces of pottery.

The artifacts include stone from the mountains of North Carolina and coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia, hinting at wandering groups. But it’s also clear someone sat in these woods and chipped quartz to make points.

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One thought on “9,000-year-old campsites found in South Carolina

  1. I stay in Horry county S.C and I have found almost two hundred projectiles and artifacts dating back as far as the late paleo period,and no earlier than the middle archaic.I just started last winter so im new to the hobby.Ive read and studied daily on the internet. Sjnce finding my first artifact and feel as though archeologist don’t have a clue to the actual amount of native American inhabitation in the coastal Carolinas.Ive read that native Americans were small groups only staying in places temporarily.If this were true explain how in areas less than ten acres Im finding projectiles covering a time span of over five thousand years or more,thats not just passing through that’s calling a place home. as I said I just started last winter and have already found no less than four established villages in a three mile radius of each other.i have hardaways,daltons,hardaway daltons,palmers,kirks,quads,morrow mountains,guilfords,one jude,and some identical to clovis just smaller than western clovis according to my studies since becoming addicted arrowhead just trying to say that native americans were well established and practically living there lives in one spot, not seasonal as stated on the internet.If people only new the amount of history Ive held in my hands dating back over twelve thousand years,they would faint.Just think Ive just started and have established a nice collection and lost forty lbs.Ive read how few villages have been found in coastal Carolina and have come to the conclusion land owners don’t want local archeologist to know because Im telling you the native americans were well established and very abundant in the coastal Carolinas living there lives just as we do today just trying to survive day to day.I bet I have picked up a pickup truck bed full of flakes and stone debris artifacts in one field, not including pottery shards.Our history goes way beyond whats being told.

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