Viking necklace found in cave in Ireland

Published on April 29th, 2010 | by Admin


A stunning 1,150-year-old viking necklace has been found in a cave in Ireland.

A team of archaeologists are scratching their heads over the ‘bizarre’ discovery of a 1,150-year-old Viking necklace in a Burren Cave.

It is the largest Viking necklace discovered in Ireland and is said to be “relatively rare in the Viking world”.

Dr Marion Dowd of Sligo IT is leading the excavation of Glencurran Cave in the Burren National Park, which she yesterday described as a ‘treasure trove’ for archaeologists.

The necklace was one of the major items discovered in the dig funded by the Department of the Environment and the Royal Irish Academy and is described as a ‘stunning piece of jewellery’ by Dr Dowd.

Dr Dowd said yesterday: “The necklace is the largest Viking necklace to have been found in Ireland. Normally, Viking necklaces that have been found have five to six glass beads, but this has 71 glass beads covered with gold foil.”

A leading expert on Irish cave archaeology, Dr Dowd said: “It is really is bizarre how this necklace from a high status Viking came to be in a cave in the Burren. There is no parallel for it in Ireland and it is puzzling on a number of fronts.”

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One Response to Viking necklace found in cave in Ireland

  1. Linda says:

    Was the necklace found strung or did they have to re-string it?

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