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93 Han Dynasty tomb unearthed in China

93 tombs dating back to the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - 220 A.D.) have been found in China. Funerary objects unearthed totalled over 260 pieces, including spade-shaped coins, bronze belt hooks, brass bells, tripods, clay workshops, jars, pots, cups and bowls, reports People's Daily Online. Tombs of the Warring States

Ancient Egyptian mayors lost tomb found

The 3,300-year-old tomb of Ptahmes, the mayof ot Memphis, has been found. Archaeologists have discovered the 3,300-year-old tomb of the ancient Egyptian capital's mayor, whose resting place had been lost under the desert sand since 19th-century treasure hunters first carted off some of its decorative wall panels, officials announced Sunday.

5-ton amoured dinosaur found in Mexico

A 72 million-year-old armoured dinosaur with horns over 4ft long has been found in Mexico. The 72 million-year-old rhino-sized plant-eater Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna was an ancestor of the famous three-horned Triceratops. Like other horned dinosaurs, or ceratopsids, it had a large bony plate behind its head which would have acted as

Brewing 3,400-year-old Mesoamerican beer

The Edible Geography blog has posted a cool story about brewing 3,400-year-old Mesoamerican beer made with ingredients determined through chemical analysis of pottery fragments. Plain cacao alcohol is “an abundant liquor of the smoothest taste, between sour and sweet, which is of the most refreshing coolness,” according to early Spanish