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Fortifications on Crete debunk myth of peaceful Minoan society

Archaeologists have found a fortification system at the Minoan toan of Gournia, debunking the popular myth that the Minoans were a peaceful society.

The team weren’t able to excavate the area, and so relied on photography, drawing and surveying to identify the fortifications. The eastern-most promontory had a heavy wall that was about 27 meters long. Beside it the team found a semi-circular platform of stone, almost nine meters in diameter, which they believe is the remains of a tower or bastion. The other fortified promontory had a two meter thick wall, running east-west, “as if to close off access from the sea,” said Buell.

The other two promontories slope gently down to the shore, and would have provided easy access to the town. “It was on these two promontories”, said Professor Watrous, “that the Minoans built structures.”

The town consists of around 60 tightly-packed houses, a ship shed, and a small palace in the centre, and archaeologists have discovered evidence of wine making, bronze-working and stone-working at the site. “Gournia gives you, the visitor, a real feeling of what an Aegean town was actually like. Walking up the streets, past the houses, you feel like you’ve been transported into the past,” said Buell.

In addition to the beach fortifications, it also appears that the Minoans built a second line of defence further inland. Heading back from the beach, there were two walls, together running about 180 meters east to west. Backed by a tower, or bastion, the walls would have posed a formidable challenge to any invader trying to march into the town.

Defenders manning this system of fortification would have rained projectiles down on attackers, by using bows and slings. The walls had stone foundations and were made of mud brick, making them sturdy enough to stand on.

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2 thoughts on “Fortifications on Crete debunk myth of peaceful Minoan society

  1. I think that just because a people have strong defenses doesn’t mean they’re not peaceful. If any coastal society of that time had not had some kind of protection then their society would be remembered as the victim of an invasion, not as a long lasting culture with its own identity.

    Any ancient culture that was peaceful and without weapons would have been conquered.

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