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Ixcateopan people produced cotton

Tools have been found in Mexico that confirm that the Ixcateopan people spun cotton.

During the most recent exploration season at the site located 36 kilometers away from Taxco, archaeologists found tools, mainly spindles, when excavating remains of rooms.

Raul Barrera, in charge of the archaeological project, informed that this finding, combined with the name in Nahuatl that means “Cotton Temple”, confirms that Ixcateopan delivered important amounts of cotton thread to Tenochtitlan, Texcoco and Tlacopan seignories.

“In some of these rooms was spun the cotton used to create the warrior garments. This information helps us determining the close relation between this site and the center of Mexico; local ceramic rests were found in the same proportion as those from Mexico Valley”, he explained.

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