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4,000-year-old campsite found in Wyoming

A campsite dating back 4,000 years has been found near the shores of Fremont Lake in Wyoming.

On Wednesday, May 5, at about 1 p.m. a construction crew digging a water pipeline for the town of Pinedale uncovered a dark stain in the sub-soil.

Just west of the Fremont lake lower boat dock parking lot on Forest Service land, the discovery was immediately recognized by a team from Current Archaeological Research, which was hired to monitor the pipeline project for cultural resources.

Soon after, archaeologists cordoned off the area into square-meter units where they carefully dug into the site centimeters at a time.

What they found was unmistakably human and unmistakably prehistoric: flakes caused by tool making, large flat rocks that could have been used to grind plant matter and knife-like biface tools.

It all showed evidence of a human camp that was occupied around the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, according to Current Archaeology’s David Wolfe.

“It’s a nice campsite,” he said pointing to Fremont Lake and Pine Creek. “There are probably sites like this throughout the area.”

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