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500-year-old mummy found in South Korea

A Joseon-era mummy of a female has been found at a construction site just outside of Seoul, South Korea.

The 154-centimeter (5-foot) tall female mummy was discovered early last month at an industrial complex being built in Osan, some 55 kilometers south of Seoul, by a group of scholars and researchers from the Seokyeong Cultural Properties Research Institute.

Another mummy, presumed to be that of her husband, is also expected to be uncovered, as his tomb was found next to hers, they said.

The figure was found in a wooden coffin with a nameplate which indicates her husband’s position in the government. She is presumed to be a 16th century noblewoman who lived during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), based on her garments and hairstyle, the researchers said.

She was wrapped in shrouds and buried with dresses and accessories, including a ceramic pot, a comb and hair pins.

“It’s very hard to discover a mummy dressed in perfect clothes and preserved in perfect condition like this,” said Kim Woo-rim, who led the excavation. “This mummy will help us study life during the early days of the Joseon Dynasty.”

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