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Face of medieval knight seen for the first time in 700 years

The face of a medieval knight found at Stirling Castle has been seen for the first time since he was killed in the 13th or 14th century.

The battle-scarred face of a medieval knight who was killed some 700 years ago has been revealed with the help of forensic skills employed in popular TV shows such as CSI.

The skeleton of the warrior, who was killed at the time of Scotland’s Wars of Independence with England, was discovered under the floor of a chapel at Stirling Castle.

Now a team at Dundee University, led by world-renowned forensic anthropologist Professor Sue Black, have revealed what he would have looked like.

Analysis of the skeleton, which was unearthed in 1997, reveals that when he died the man was in his 20s, was around 5ft 7in and ‘very strong and fit, with the physique of a professional rugby player’.

Experts also found he suffered several serious wounds in earlier fights, including an arrowhead lodged in his chest and a dent in the front of his skull from an axe blow, before he was killed by a blow from a sword which went through his nose and jaw.

The researchers believe that he was lying on the ground when he was struck.

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