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Never-before-published photos from inside Hitler’s bunker

Life magazine has posted a series of never-before-published photographs from inside Adolf Hitler’s bunker.

In April, 1945, as Russian and German troops fought — savagely, street-by-street — for control of the German capital, it became increasingly clear that the Allies would win the war in Europe. Not long after the two-week battle ended, 33-year-old LIFE photographer William Vandivert was on the scene, photographing Berlin’s devasted landscape. Hundreds of thousands perished in the Battle of Berlin — including untold numbers of civilian men, women, and children — while countless more were left homeless in the ruins. But it was two particular deaths — that of Hitler and his longtime companion and (briefly) wife, Eva Braun — in a sordid underground bunker on April 30, 1945, that truly signaled the end of the Third Reich. Here, presents never-before-published images from both the bunker itself, and the decimated city beyond its concrete walls.

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