Iron Age bones in Derbyshire belong to pregnant woman

Published on May 20th, 2010 | by Admin


Tests carried out on an Iron Age skeleton found in Derbyshire reveal that they belonged to a pregnant woman.

Experts said they were surprised by the female find because the site, near Monsal Dale in the Peak District, had been believed to be a military scene.

Now, extra lottery funding means there can be a second dig at the Fin Cop hill fort site to find out more.

Archaeologists unearthed the Iron Age skeleton last August.
During the excavation, the woman was uncovered among the jumbled stone of a collapsed rampart.

The main focus of the dig was to find how the ramparts of the hill fort were built and when they were erected and archaeologists described the skeleton find as “unexpected”.

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2 Responses to Iron Age bones in Derbyshire belong to pregnant woman

  1. MScholes says:

    This is the same people who claimed to have found the earliest house in Britain, they were all over the press and a few weeks later the radiocarbon dates proved it was from the middle ages not the neolithic. The 2nd time their director has claimed to have found the oldest house in Britain. I’m not convinced

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