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Nicolaus Copernicus reburied

Nicolaus Copernicus has been reburied after the his remains were exhumed to conclusively identify them, 467 years after his death.

A painstaking search ensued for several years until the precious genetic material required was finally found. Göran Henriksson, astronomer at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, searching in a book “Magnum Romanum Calendarium” by Johannes Stoeffler, dated 1518, found several hairs inside the book. This is a manual that Copernicus had used during his life in Poland and was taken by the Swedes during the Polish-Swedish wars in the first quarter of the seventeenth century.

The DNA analysis done in laboratories in Sweden and Poland confirmed that two of the hairs matched the genome sequences of the tooth material from the skull found in Frombork.

Once identified, it was decided that the remains of the astronomer should be buried again in the Cathedral after stops at several churches and Gothic castles in the region of Warmia, which the astronomer traveled many times as a canon and ecclesiastical administrator. The remains arrived at Frombork in the middle of last week. Now the great astronomer, mathematician and physician rests under the main altar in a black granite tomb with a three meters high headstone.

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