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Monet stayed in room next to Monet Suite at the Savoy

A study has showed that Claude Monet painted from a room next to room billed as the Monet Suite at the Savoy.

For £720 per person, art lovers could stay in the room from which the artist famously spent six months painting his landscapes of the River Thames in London.

However, a new study has now shown that those prepared to pay for the Monet Suite are not actually experiencing the painter’s time at the hotel, but that of his next door neighbour.

Scientists have analysed the French Impressionist’s paintings and discovered that he actually stayed in the rooms adjacent to the Monet Suite at the Savoy.

Professor John Thornes, the lead author at the University of Birmingham, said: “It is amazing that over 100 years later with all the analysis of Monet that no one has ever done this before.

“It shows he certainly didn’t stay in the Monet suite they were pushing.”

He said that they calculated the position from the scale of Cleopatra’s Needle, the Ancient Egyptian obelisk erected on Victoria Embankment, against Charing Cross Bridge, now known as Hungerford Bridge.

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