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Unexploded WWII bomb explodes, killing three

Three people trying to diffuse an unexploded World War II bomb in Germany were killed when the bomb blew up.

Germany is mourning the loss of three bomb disposal experts killed yesterday by a 2,000lb World War II aerial mine.

Three others were seriously injured by the explosion which occurred when a bomb disposal team was cutting through the acid fuse of the bomb buried 24ft down in the university city of Goettingen.

Fire brigade spokesman Frank Gloth said, ‘Evacuation measures were far advanced for 7,200 people in a wide radius from where the bomb lay.

‘Work was proceeding with a water cutter to get through the fuse of the bomb when it went off. It was due to be defused at 10.30pm but detonated at 9.45pm.

‘Altogether, there were 13 bomb disposal workers in the area.

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