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Ancient skull dug up in New Mexico yard

A man digging in his yard in Santa Clara, New Mexico has uncovered ancient human remains.

On Friday, a resident of Cleveland Street in Santa Clara was building forms to pour concrete to build an addition to his home when he struck something hard while digging and started to dig it up, OMI Field Deputy Melissa Arzaga said.

“He probably thought it was a rock,” Arzaga said.

When he pulled up the skull, complete with roots twined through the eye sockets, he stopped digging and called local police. State police were also called.

The skull was found about seven feet down and appeared to be quite old, said Mike Barragree, also a field deputy with the OMI. The skull was sent to OMI in Albuquerque for further investigation. The resident was ordered to stop digging until a determination could be made by OMI on whether the remains were of ancient or more recent origin.

On Monday, the office released that the remains were determined to be of ancient origins.

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