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Four ancient castles found in Turkey

Four ancient castles dating back to the 2nd century B.C. have been found in Western Turkey.

The group including 16 students from the universities of Boston, Pennsylvania and Brown led by Assistant Professor of Archaeology Christopher H. Roosevelt has been searching for ancient ruins in Golmarmara town of the western province of Manisa upon permission of the Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism.

In an interview with the Anatolia news agency on Monday, Roosevelt said that he had directed an archaeological project across central Lydian landscapes for the past five years.

“Our findings indicate that the castle could belong to the Arzawan kingdoms of Seha River Land. We believe that the castles constituted a settlement network. One of them could be the biggest castle built in western Anatolia during the period. The castle is four times bigger than the Troy castle. We may have discovered the capital of the Seha River Land,” he said.

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