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WWII freighter found off of Albania

Underwater archaeologists believe they have found the sunken wreckage of an Italian freighter sunk by British forces during WWII.

The remnants — found just off Albania’s coast last weekend — probably were part of the 8,000-ton Rosandra freighter, which was hit by a British submarine on June 14, 1943, the team said on Monday, the 67th anniversary of the sinking.

The vessel was located 260 feet (80 meters) beneath the surface of the Ionian Sea near Albania’s Karaburun Peninsula, 90 miles (140 kilometers) southwest of Tirana, the capital, during a survey of the country’s seabed that began four years ago.

Expedition coordinator Auron Tare of Albania said the size of the wreck, and sonar images of two holes apparently caused by torpedo explosions, matched information from Italian and British sources on the Rosandra.

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