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Antique dealer mutilates Shakepeare’s First Folio to fund affair

I don’t post gossip on this site, but this story does have a historical aspect to it. An antique dealer and book collector stole a Shakespeare First Folio and mutilated the treasure to hide it’s origins before attempting to sell it to fund an affair he was having.

Folio – one of the first collections of Shakespeare’s plays – from an exhibition of English literature at Durham University’s Palace Green Library in December 1998.

Scott kept the folio hidden for ten years until his debts reached more than £90,000 and he decided the time had come to sell it.

He had been sending Heidi Garcia Rios, whom he met at a hotel where she worked in Havana, large sums of money and provided her with a card so she could withdraw cash in Cuba, the court heard.

Scott tore off the binding, boards and some pages with identifying marks, then took the folio to the world-renowned Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC and asked for it to be verified as genuine, the court heard.’

One expert there called it ‘a cultural legacy that has been damaged, brutalised and mutilated’.

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