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17th-century “fridges” found in Bristol

Two extremely rate 17th-century ice houses have been found at a dig in Bristol.

Ice houses were dug deep, lined with straw and sawdust and then packed with ice in the winter to store perishable goods.

Rare and intact pottery and other items such as a glass wine bottle known as an “onion bottle” were also found along with a vast selection of 17th-century pipes and sheep skulls.

Other items dating back to medieval times were also found, including glazed pottery, animal bones and a spindle wheel.

Andrew Young, principal archeologist for Avon Archeologists in Kingswood, described the discovery of the domestic ice houses and 17th-century pottery as “extremely exciting.”

He said: “Normally ice houses would be found in grand country houses. They would be lined with straw and sawdust and filled with ice so perishables could be stored.

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