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Ancient humans may have eaten hyena meat

Hyena bones “processed” by humans have been found in an ancient den, suggesting our ancestors may have eaten their meat.

“It’s very common that hyena and humans used the same dens at different times,” said Lucinda Blackwell of the University of Witwatersrand’s Institute for Human Evolution in South Africa. In fact in Africa there’s plenty of evidence that humans and hyenas have a long history of vying for resources including shelter. They are both, after all, large mammals that live in large social groups and eat herbivores.

“What interests me about this paper is that they only show one bone and I’d like to see more,” said Blackwell. She’d also like to look the cut marks with more powerful instruments to measure their depth and compare them to other samples.

Blackwell is not convinced humans were eating hyenas, however.

“They could have been processing them for their beautiful pelts,” she told Discovery News.

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