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Afghanistan plagued by looters

A wealth of cultural treasures have been looted, damaged, and even destroyed in Afghanistan.

“I think there is absolutely no site in this country which is unaffected,” Philippe Marquis, the director of a team of French government-funded archaeologists operating in Afghanistan, told AFP in a recent interview.

“The illegal trade in antiquities is very significant, and is related to all the illegal activities which are going on in Afghanistan,” he added.

Afghanistan’s position on the ancient Silk Road that linked east with west has left the country with a rich cultural heritage.

But decades of war have hampered efforts to conduct proper archaeological investigations, while a lack of regulation means that priceless treasures are being smuggled out of the country at an alarming rate.

The looting is often carried out by poor villagers who are paid by middlemen often based elsewhere in the region — a problem the French have gone some way to addressing by paying the looters to work on their digs instead.

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