Roman artifacts rewrite history of South West England

Published on June 23rd, 2010 | by Admin


Roman coins, pottery and slag found in Cornwall are challenging the notion that the Romans did not settle the South West of England.

Mr Smith said: “For Roman Britain it’s an important and quite crucial discovery because it tells us a lot about Roman occupation in the South West that was hitherto completely unexpected.

“The other Roman sites we know about [in Cornwall] have occupation in the 1st Century AD, of about AD50 to AD80, and that fits in with what we know about Exeter.

“In finding the pottery and glass, it’s saying the occupation is much longer and goes from AD60 up to about AD250, which turns the whole thing on its head.

Mr Clemes discovered Roman pottery and glass at the site
“It certainly means a rewrite of history in the South West.”

The site had previously been regarded as an Iron Age settlement, but the recent discovery of pottery and glass was found to be of Roman origin.

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