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Cache of 7,000-year-old projectile points found in Vermont

A cache of 7,000-year-old projectile points, likely arrowheads, have been found buried in a pit on land slated for development in Vermont.

Scott Dillon, a survey archeologist with the division, said 16 projectiles were found at one location and appeared to be intentionally buried together in a pit. He said the relics studied by experts from the Northeast Archaeology Research Center Inc. were from the Native American era.

“These findings are quite rare and priceless. They really paint a picture of people living in the Rutland area 7,000 years ago.”

Dillon said the artifacts included stoneworking tools, fire-cracked rock and containers for cooking.

“They would heat up rock and drop the rock into the pot to heat up the food,” Dillon said of the Native American people who used these tools. When asked how much these items are worth, Dillon would not put a price tag on them.

“People do sell projectile points, but their monetary value is insignificant compared to their cultural value,” he said. “Their cultural value far outweighs the possibility of selling an artifact on eBay.”

After the discoveries were made, the state created buffer zones around the sensitive material and put a restriction on the land for anything but agriculture use.

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