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Cleopatra may have died from a drug overdose

A historian is claiming that Cleopatra died from a cocktail of drugs, and not the bite of an asp.

‘Cleopatra wanted to remain beautiful in her death to maintain her myth,’ he says on the Adventure Science show screened by ZDF entitled Cleopatra‘s Death; How did the last female Pharaoh really die?

‘She probably took a cocktail, which, back then was a well-known mixture that led to a painless death within just a few hours whereas the snake death could have taken days and been agonising.

‘We consulted eminent zoologists and toxicologists; a snake bite would have been too uncertain and taken too long.’

Dietrich Mebs, one of those poison specialists, said he thought the drug cocktail was ‘much more a favourite than the snake. She would have had to drink it because there was no method of injecting oneself at the time.’

The programme displays ancient texts that record the potion as being a popular method of suicide – and assassination – at the time she lived.

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