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Traces of Neolitich civilization found in India

Archaeologists in India have found trace elements of a Neolithic civilization near the Kondaveedu fortress.

Mr. Rao says that cup marks, pieces of pottery and hard rock stones found near two caves on the way to the fortress from the west entrance (Kota village), have been clinching evidences of existence of Neolithic civilisation, during which humans used stone tools for hunting.

The two caves were found on either side of the path. The larger of the two caves measures 50 feet in length, 25 feet in width and the entrance measures 15 feet in height, while the smaller cave measures 25 feet in length, 12 feet in height and 13 feet in width. The cup marks found on rock boulders near the caves constitute the most significant evidence of Stone Age civilisation. In the shape of an artificial circular depression in size of a cup, but not deep, they are usually grounded into a rock.

Cup marks are also usually associated with Megalithic burial sites. Grounded in the shape of sun, moon and stars, they were also used in astrological calculations. They were also used as religious symbols. Mr. Rao claims to have found pieces of pottery and stone tools such as hammer stones, choppers and discs used in hunting. “The discovery of remnants of Stone Age points out that human civilization flourished here since Neolithic age,” Mr. Rao added.

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