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Excavating beneath the 9th century Pillar of Eliseg

Archaeologists are attempting to excavate a burial mound without removing the 9th century Pillar of Eliseg that sits on top of it.

Archaeologists are to start excavations on a suspected ancient burial site to try to understand the significance of a Llangollen landmark.

But the team will have to work carefully because the 9th Century Pillar of Eliseg, a CADW-protected ancient monument, stands directly on top of the barrow – burial mound – and the archaeologists can’t disturb it.

Medieval archaeology Professor, Nancy Edwards, from Bangor University says it is the first time the site has been dug since 1773 when, it is believed, a skeleton was unearthed.

“We are trying to date the barrow in its broader archaeological context,” she said, as the site could date back to the Bronze Age.

The history behind the monument and why it was erected on the mound in the late 1700s by Trevor Lloyd of Trevor Hall, who then owned the land, is not yet understood.

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