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Eleven 4,000-year-old tombs found in Vietnam

Eleven Phung Nguyen tombs have been found in Ha Noi’s Dong Ahn District.

The Phung Nguyen remains, the best-preserved of any found in and around the city, date back about 4,000 years, archaeologists from the Viet Nam Archaeology Institute said.

The tombs were discovered 1.5m below ground.

“All the tombs are of people who were living during the Phung Nguyen civilisation, date back 3,500 to 4,000 years,” said Lai Van Toi, PhD, who is in charge of excavating the site.

One of the tombs, provisionally called number nine, contained the well-preserved remains of a woman aged between 35-40, Nguyen Laân Cuong, deputy general secretary of the Viet Nam Archaeologists Association told Viet Nam News.

The woman was about 1.55m tall and was buried face up, with her arms lying by her sides and her head bent towards her left shoulder, Cuong said.

Her skull was a long ovoid shape, and her eye sockets were relatively low in her face. She also had a large nose.

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