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The oldest text found in Jerusalem

A tiny clay fragment, dating back 3,400 years, is the oldest text discovered in Jerusalem.

The clay chip is a key find which indicates the importance of the city in the Bronze Age, around 1,400 BC, researchers at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University said.

It was discovered during an excavation in an area just south of the walls of the Old City in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem.

The miniscule chip is believed to have been part of the royal archives and indicates the importance of Jerusalem as a major city in the late Bronze Age, the Hebrew University said in a statement.

The clay fragment was found by researchers sifting through debris removed from beneath a tower from the 10th century BC.

According to an expert from the university’s Institute of Archaeology, the script on the fragment, which contains snippets of words such as “you were” and “them,” appears to have been very carefully formed.

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