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Treasure hunter find cache of deadly WWII bombs

A tresure hunter in England has uncovered a deadly cache of WWII bombs buried on a beach in Dorset.

A treasure hunter escaped serious injury when he unearthed a cache of bombs that were buried by the Home Guard during the darkest days of World War 2.

The weapons – primed to go off when they made contact with the air – were secreted on a beach by a Captain Mainwaring of the day.

Loaded with dangerous benzene and phosphorus, the Dad’s Army-style team would have used them in battle against Nazi troops in the event of invasion.

Treasure hunter Ian Snook didn’t get to keep the bombs he discovered on a Dorset beach, but police let him keep the metal warning sign buried alongside the WW2 cache
They were buried and forgotten about for 70 years until metal detectorist Ian Snook stumbled upon them as he swept Cogden Beach, near Burton Bradstock, Dorset.

He began to dig up the find but stopped in the nick of time when he saw a warning notice on top of the bombs.

Had Ian, 44, put his spade through one of the 24 glass bottles, it would have detonated, causing serious burns.

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