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Indus Valley site ravaged by floods

Flooding at Jognakhera where 5,000-year-old coppy smelting furnaces have been found has been submerged under nearly 10 feet of water.

The archaeological site and the village of Jognakhera is just 1km from the SYL breach. Residents of the area were oblivious of the historical significance of their neighbourhood until some months ago when a team from the state department of archaeology landed up and started digging. But it was not declared a protected site by the government.

The excavated site has been badly mauled by the floods and the ancient furnaces have also been damaged severely. However, the antiquities unearthed from the excavation have been recovered by excavators.

The furnaces look like huge saucers bearing copper slag. A huge number of Harappan pot shreds were also been unearthed from the site, dating the furnaces.

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