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250-year-old cauldron recovered from shipwreck

250 years after it went down with a ship off of St. Augustine, Florida, a cauldron has been brought back to the surface.

Encrustations of century’s-old mud marred the cauldron’s shape as it was hauled onto the dive boat Wednesday by the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program team.

But there could be historical gold in the pot removed from a shipwreck within sight of the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Chuck Meide, Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program director, found what could be a spoon stuck inside.

See more photos of LAMP workers bringing the 300-year-old cauldron to the surface

Meide is hoping the cauldron will unlock a time capsule to a rare ship from St. Augustine’s bustling 1800s colonial period. He said only one colonial shipwreck has ever been found off Northeast Florida.

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