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Sican officials tomb unearthed in Peru

A 1,200-year-old tomb belonging to a high-ranking official of the Sican culture has been unearthed in Peru.

A team co-led by Peruvian archaeologist Carlos del Carpio found the tomb, along with many burial artifacts, about 1,500 meters west of the Lord of Sican’s tomb in Huaca Las Ventanas archaeological site, near the Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary, in the northern Lambayeque region.

According to Peruvian daily El Comercio, the ancient nobleman was buried in lotus posture (sitting with his legs half-crossed) and the finds included a winged eye mask, a ceremonial knife and a metal cup.

The tomb also contained a breastplate of coral colored Spondylus shell beads, seven ceramics and a gold tweezer, representing a bird image of the Sican or Lambayeque cultures.

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