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Pre-Columbian burial ground discoverde in Costa Rica

An 800-year-old pre-Columbian burial ground, complete with baskets full of human remains, has been unearthed outside of San Jose, Costa Rica.

“It’s a funeral complex made from river stones and slabs,” Maritza Gutierrez, who heads the digs at the Tres Rios district 10 kilometers (six miles) from the capital, told reporters.

The burial ground, dating from about the year 1200, yielded 26 sets of human bones from children to adults, contained in baskets made of plant fiber, an unusual material for native groups predating the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus.

Archaeologists also found 98 artifacts made of stone and ceramics, Gutierrez said.

It was too early to determine exactly to which indigenous group the remains belong, she said, adding that before the 1500s about eight different ethnic groups lived in what is now Costa Rica.

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