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Thracian fortress-sanctuary found in Bulgaria

A fortress-sanctuary, dubbed the “Bulgarian Machu Picchu”, has been discovered 1,200 metres above sea level just outside of the Sredna Gora mountain range in Bulgaria.

“The residence of the Odrysian kings is a monument unrivaled in scope in Southeastern Europe. I am convinced there is no other fortress-sanctuary dating back to the fourth-fifth centuries BC which is so well-preserved,” Dr. Ivan Hristov, head of the archaeological team and Deputy Director of the Bulgarian National History Museum, told national media.

Archaeologists believe the construction of the residence was started by the Thracian ruler Cotys I (384 BC – 359 BC).

The team led by Dr. Hristov has uncovered the remains of the palace of the Odrysian kings Amatokos II (359 BC – 351 BC) and Teres II (351 BC – 342 BC).

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