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The world’s best preserved meteorite impact crater

Researchers studying imagery in Google Earth have discovered what may be the world’s best-preserved small impact crater in the Sahara desert.

The immaculate, 148 ft. wide crater was likely excavated by a fast-moving iron meteorite, a few thousand years ago, scientists said Thursday.

Dubbed Kamil, the crater is remarkably preserved when compared with most of the other craters on the Earth’s surface, many of which are partially eroded.

The Kamil crater, by contrast, has retained much of its structure, and includes even the rays of ejected debris that were disbursed from the center as the meteorite made impact.

“This crater is really a kind of beauty because it’s so well-preserved that it will tell us a lot about small-scale meteorite impacts on the Earth’s crust,” study leader Luigi Folco, meteorite curator at the Museo Nazionale dell’Antartide in Siena, Italy, told

“It’s so nice. It’s so neat. There is something extraordinary about it,” he said, adding that craters as pristine as Kamil are typically found only on Mars or on the moon, where there are fewer environmental and atmospheric forces to degrade them.

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