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2,400-year-old Iberian weapons discovered in Spain

A collection of weapons belonging to Iberian warriors have been found at La Bastida de les Alcusses in Valencia.

Excavations have recovered over 60 iron objects in a small area of the western entrance to the village of La Bastida, including weapons, rods and nails belonging to the jamb of a door, the experts explained.

Archaeological excavations in the Iberian settlement of La Bastida de les Alcusses of Moixent have been indertaken this year in the West Gate. This entry to the town had already been excavated in 1998 but the evidence of the existence of an older entry at this point has led to the excavation this year.

In this set, stand out outfits – set of weapons and tools – for warriors located in the village. There are, Helena Bonet said, five sets of weapons, belonging to as many Iberian warriors from 2,400 years ago, which are the “most spectacular” find and enable to document “a unique ritual in Iberian Archaeology consisting of the intentional deposition of five complete sets of iron weapons, food offerings and ceramic vases, all burned together with wood and iron structures of the door and sealed under a layer of earth.”

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  1. Good story – hope more details are revealed. I have a lot of respect for the original Iberians who seem to be overshadowed in English language books and movies. Partly why I have written the historic novel, ‘Warhorn – Sons of Iberia’, hopefully more people will become familiar with the native Iberians and Celtiberians such as the Bastetani and Carpetani.

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