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Magna Carta to get new gaseous bath

The famous Magna Carta, which has been lying in a sealed box containing helium, will soon be moved to a new box filled with Argon. The very first Magna Carta dates to 1215, when English barons forced King John to write down the traditional rights and liberties of the country's

Two prehistoric villages found in Mongolia

The remains of two 5,000-year-old villages have been found in Mongolia. he archaeologistsin north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region found the ruins in Hamin'aile Village, of Horqin Left-wing Middle Banner (County). The remains were identified in the spring as possibly originating from Hongshan Culture, dating back 5,000 years, said Ji

Ancient antibiotics

A chemical analysis of the bones belong to ancient Nubians show that they regularly consumed tetracycline. A chemical analysis of the bones of ancient Nubians shows that they were regularly consuming tetracycline, most likely in their beer. The finding is the strongest evidence yet that the art of making antibiotics,

Ten lost technologies

TopTenz has posted an interesting list about ten technologies and techniques that we have lost knowledge of over the years, from Damascus steel to Roman cement. 2. Roman Cement Modern concrete was developed in the 1700s, and today the simple mixture of cement, water, sand, and rocks is the most

Dry weather reveals hundreds of ancient sites

Dry weather in the UK has revealed "cropmarks" indicating the presence of hundreds of previously unknown archaeological sites. The surveys show marks made when crops growing over buried features develop at a different rate from those nearby. The newly-discovered Roman and prehistoric settlements include a site near Bradford Abbas,