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HMS Investigator graves found

The graves of three crewmembers from the HMS Investigator have been found in the Northwest Territories in Canada.

Officials estimate that the graves, which are in undisturbed condition, are about 60 metres from the Investigator cache site.

“They’re on the plains just coming up from the beach towards the cache site, and they just look exactly like you’d imagine a freshly dug grave shaft to be, with evidence of the cuts around the sort of oval-shaped boundaries, and then the earth mounded in the centre,” Cary said.

The fact that there are mounds of earth on the graves suggest that the bodies underneath may still be in good condition, Cary added.

“Generally, what happens is as the bodies decompose, the earth begins to collapse in,” he said. “And so instead of getting a mound, you get a divot or a slumping.”

Edward Eastaugh, an anthropology lab manager from the University of Western Ontario, used a magnetometer — a sophisticated metal detector of sorts — that showed the presence of some kind of metal in the graves.

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