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Prehistoric cave art found in Dominican Republic cave

Petroglyphs and other prehistoric artworks have been discovered in a cave in the Dominican Republic.

The cavern has 61 petroglyphs and two bas-relief sculptures, the newspaper learned from Spanish archaeologist Adolfo Lopez, who is in charge of researching the area and believes that the petroglyphs and sculptures could be 5,000 years old.

Lopez, a specialist in cave art at Madrid’s Universidad Complutense, said that one of the Monteclaro sculptures is among the three most important ever found of pre-Columbian cave art, due to its particular shape and because such works are so rarely found, the daily said.

“This sculpture is the last bas-relief of quality to be found in the Antilles. It portrays a figure sitting in a fetal position, which gives the idea that it is dedicated to fertility,” he said.

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