318 million-year-old reptile tracks found in New Brunswick

Published on August 9th, 2010 | by Admin


Ancient reptile footprints have been found along the Bay of Fundy shoreline in New Brunswick, Canada.

“These are quite remarkable,” he said Thursday. “It’s not just one set of footprints. The slabs are covered with footprints.”

Miller said he actually had his back to the slab and was examining plant fossils when the footprints were discovered.

Falcon-Lang said he was looking for something else, and only discovered the prints after he tripped and fell, scraping his knee.

“I still have the scars to prove it,” he said.

The footprints are quite small — only about four centimetres long. Falcon-Lang said the reptile that made them would have been about 20 centimetres long and resembled a gecko.

He said it is probably an early reptile called Hylonomus. Fossil skeletons have been found in adjacent Nova Scotia.

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