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10,000 shoes belonging to Holocaust victims destroyed in fire

A fire that swept through the Nazi death camp of Majdanek has destroyed more than half of a barrack that houses 10,000 shoes belonging to victims of the Holocaust.

In Israel, the director of the Yad Vashem museum, Avner Shalev expressed sorrow that the historic site and valuable artifacts had been damaged or destroyed.

“The damage to these irreplaceable items is a loss to a site that has such historical value to Europe, Poland and the Jewish people,” Shalev said.

Shalev offered assistance to the museum at the Majdanek camp, which is on the outskirts of Lublin in eastern Poland.

The museum said there were 10,000 shoes in the barrack, but that it was too soon to say how extensive the damage was.

Former death camps across an area once occupied by Nazi Germany are falling into a state of disrepair decades after the end of World War II. There have also been recent cases of vandalism at some of them.

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2 thoughts on “10,000 shoes belonging to Holocaust victims destroyed in fire

  1. It IS an irreplaceable loss, whether the fire was set by vandals or it was from a bush fire sweeping across eastern europe.

    My sister in law is visiting us in Melbourne just now and has no personal relics (eg photos, diaries) from her mother, father or 7 siblings – all exterminated in a Nazi camp, not Majdanek. Survivors rely on Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and on the extermination camps in Eastern Europe to keep their parents’ and siblings’ memories alive.

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