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Marden Henge: The builder’s yard for Stonehenge

Evidence found at Marden Henge hints it may have been the builder’s yard for Stonehenge.

If it wasn’t a village, or a temple, or a farm, or a cemetery, what was Marden for? Leary suspects the answer may be emerging in stone working tools, and flakes of sarsen, turning up all over the site. If you were going to drag sarsens the size of double decker buses from their original site to Stonehenge, he said, the obvious route is straight through a natural gap in the hilly landscape, which would take them through Marden.

The evidence that Marden was a sort of builder’s yard for the most famous prehistoric monument in the world may have been in the mud under the boots of Leary’s puzzled predecessors.

So why did the site’s temporary occupants leave? Maybe with Stonehenge complete, the sarsens shaped into the giant trilithons that still fill the hordes of modern visitors with awe, their job was done. They tidied up nicely, turned out the lights, and left.

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