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Tutankhamun excavation archive put online

The entire archive of material relating to the King Tutankhamnun excavation by Howard Carter in 1922 has been put online. [Thx Ashley]

…one of the real curses of Tutankhamun, from Dr Malek’s point of view, was the failure of Egyptologists to publish the discovery in its entirety.

Dr Malek said: “It is astonishing, but no longer acceptable, that some 80 years and thousands of articles, hundreds of books, and dozens of exhibitions after the discovery of the tomb, this most famous event in the history of Egyptian archaeology has not yet been fully published.

“Our original idea was to create a database of the objects. Carter recorded his finds on thousands of index cards. But it has been expanded and we have put documents and photographs online.”

Transcribing Carter’s diaries has been a challenge. Although written in tiny neat handwriting, the archaeologist was working under the most intense pressure, and his notes can sometimes be difficult to decipher.

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